Sunday, September 6, 2009

My Gator babies

Dad got two tickets to the Gator game and asked Blake if he wanted to go. This actually happened the same name as Cowboy Skate Night at dad's church. Anyone that knows Blake, knows that he thinks he is a true cowboy and he loves skate night. He didn't want to go to the game and was doing nothing but going to skate night. It didn't matter what we said...he wasn't going to the game...actually right up to about an hour before dad picked him up, he was still wanting to go skating. But, after I prodded him and told him I would paint his hair and face and give him tattoos and everything...he finally went. He ended up having a blast, the two older girls next to him gave him their glow bracelets. So, he was in heaven. He got to see Albert and Alberta and he enjoyed seeing the huge stadium. I think he'll go to another one if asked. :) I asked dad if he mentioned anything about skating and he said he didn't! A night with gampa...generally you tend to forget about things. He has a way of making everything exciting...


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