Monday, March 23, 2009


To update everyone...Blake is 4 1/2 years old and will start Kindergarten next year. He is going to begin soccer practice this Thursday and start games in April. Let's hope this year is much better than his 3 year old year of chasing butterflies and looking at airplanes in the sky! HAHA He still loves his baby sister, although he is beginning a bit of jealousy. He notices that everyone looks at her and awes at her and gaga's over her and not him anymore as much because he's not a baby. He's still my precious boy. He likes that I pick him up at 11:30am now instead of being at day care all day and I'm enjoying the time with them too.

Rylee is now 7 months old and is into everything!!! I think she is trying to keep up with Blake. She had two teeth by 4 months old and is working on her top teeth now. She has been sitting up on her own, she crawls everywhere and is into everything. She loves waking Blake up by pulling his hair to get his attention and say, "play with me!" She is already sitting up from a crawling position and pulling up on EVERYTHING. We are starting the head bruises early. She will stand up and take steps if we are holding her and she tries her hardest to keep up with Blake. Whatever toy he has...she is TRYING her hardest to get it....and eat it! She has thousands of toys, but prefers cardboard boxes, magazines to chew up, wooden spoons and things she is NOT supposed to play with, of course. Everything has to be tested out to see how well it tastes. She does not like the word no or to be taken "off-course" from whatever thing she was after that she was not supposed to be into.

I am really enjoying being home with them right now and seeing them grow.

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Joy Tincher said...

Hey Girl, glad to see you back on here. I need your email address so we can catch up!