Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hunting season has begun

Hunting season has begun...Blake absolutely loves the woods and does not want to be anywhere BUT there. He goes from 5:00am in the morning until it's dark. One day, mom and I couldn't find him, we knew he had gone outside and mom called for him and she could hear him yell, "I'm in here..." and he was already in daddy's hunting truck with his gun, fully dressed, waiting on daddy! Ron took this week off to go hunting and he let Blake go with him Monday. So far this year, he has killed and 8-point, 4-point and two does...I'm so sorry, Susan! :) The 4-point and one doe was just today! Go Ron! I bought Blake a new bb gun - camo with a scope on it - I scored points!! Rylee has also been to the woods a few times...she and I went with them on the first day and last weekend and that will be about all for us...thanks! Mimi bought her a camo outfit with lace on the collar and bottom and it was too cute - so I had to let her wear it.

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Allison Ashinhurst said...

This is the absolute cutest ever....of both Rylee and Blake!! I love it!! I have been telling everyone how cute your kids are in their hunting outfits!! :-)